Environ is the pioneer in the production and use of gentle, effective and extremely safe "Cool" Peeling Systems to remove the skin's superficial surface excess horny layer while maintaining the beneficial effects of the skin's waterproofing barrier qualities. Results achieved are dramatic, measurable and impressive without the negative side effects associated with mid to deep peels.

An alternative to aggressive peels is a series of cool peels formulated by South African plastic surgeon, Dr. Des Fernandes. He started doing a series of lighter peels in the early 80's, on his patients, and found the results were comparable to that of a deep peel, without the downtime and long term side effects. Patients were delighted with the results!  


The difference in Environ peels is attributed to the fact that the vehicle for the acid is a gel or a cream. This creates the concept of a cool peel meaning that as the peel is applied, the water from the vehicle evaporates, cooling the skin. It also means a lower concentration of the acid is needed as the acid can stay comfortably on the skin for a longer time. These peels create superficial exfoliation of surface dead skin and facilitate the effectiveness of topically applied essential ingredients. Hence, the dull looking surface skin is removed and the result is the appearance of a visibly smoother, firmer looking, and youthful appearing complexion.


The Cool Peel Technology demonstrates that there is no need to torture the skin with heavy, aggressive peels to get excellent results!

Best results are achieved when done in a series of six. 




• Superb noticeable results are achieved with minimal risk of burning, inflammation, tissue         damage, hypo or hyper pigmentation problems, and without down time normally seen with     other peels.


• Customizable to individual skin types and conditions.


• Assists in the treatment of the appearance of photo damaged, rough, wrinkled, irregular   textured, and problematic skin.


• A series of  light, repetitive peel procedures may provide the same results as heavier, deep   peeling.


• Achieves safer, effective and healthier looking results.


• Pre and post Environ Skin Care products are used at home to maximize the results and     assist in rapid recovery.


• The Cool Peel Technology consists of four types of specially formulated skin peeling   systems in varying strengths to meet a person's specific skin care needs. Your trained   Environ skin care professional will select the correct type and strength of peel for the most   efficacious results.